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Ed Rashed - Discography

1978 - Gilby Hager, Gilby Hager, Fretless Records - session player, co-arranger, songwriter

1979 - Martin Grosswendt, Dog On A Dance Floor, Philo Records -session player, songwriter

1983 - Katzberg and Snyder, Atomic Love, CD Records - session player

1988 - The RI Shakespeare Theater, The Outcasts Of Poker Flat,  Cast Album - co-producer, songwriter

1993- Bill Harley, Big Big World , A&M Records- session player

1996 - Blueswagon, Test Drive, promotional cassette, blues covers - session player

1997 - Blueswagon, Double Parked, promotional cassette, blues covers - session player

1998 - Ragwagon, The Ragwagon Band, Normalized Not Mastered, promotional CD - session musician, songwriter, co-producer

2001 - Ed Rashed, Big Book Of Love, Big Treehouse Records -principal artist, producer,  songwriter

2001 - Ed Rashed, Wrong Side Of The Door, Big Treehouse Records -principal artist, producer,  songwriter

2002 - Various Artists, Oasis Jazz, Volume 6, Oasis CD - includes "She Walks In Three-Four Time" from Big Book Of Love

2002 - Various Artists, Oasis Country, Volume 3, Oasis CD - includes "Do Me In Again" from Wrong Side Of The Door

2003 - Ragwagon, The Ragwagon Band, Eventual Records - session musician, songwriter, co-producer

2003 - Various Artists, Origen & Friends - compilation CD from Ukraine, includes "Song Of Love" and "Few That Know Me Well" from Big Book Of Love

2005 - Ed Rashed / Chance to Dance Band, C to D '05 - Dance Around The Worldsouvenir CD, demos and live music from the 2005 Chance to Dance shows at Providence Performing Arts Center, May 2005 - principal artist, producer, band leader, songwriter

2008 - The REST, The Living Room Tapes - demo CD, rock covers, The REST, March 2008 - session musician, co-producer

2009 - ((((The Repercussions)))), The Showroom Tapes - demo/souvenir CD, rock covers, ((((The Repercussions)))), May 2009 - session musician, co-producer

2017 - Ed Rashed, digital single, "The Storm Will Come (and Wash Us Clean)" - artist, producer, songwriter

Bands Of Note

Maņana Sound, The Doug Riley Band, Hominy, Kingsnake, Tanoose, The Shamblers, Contact,
Bop-A-Gon, Pegasus, Billy And The Kids, The Wanderers, Imagination, The Bill Harley Band,
High Times, Blueswagon, Ragwagon, Wayz & Means, The Big Treehouse Band,
The Chance to Dance Band, Band of Brothers, The REST, ((((The Repercussions))))

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